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Boomaroo toys ,Wyn toys and Hercules toys were all company's in their own right, only bought out later by Tri-ang and the company's ceased to trade.

Boomaroo toys were made by the Artlay Manufacturing Company registered at Butt and Clisdell streets Surrey Hills SYDNEY AUSTRALIA.

Boomaroo and Wyn toys were only sold in Australia and New Zealand. Perhaps this it the reason why these toys are very rare and collectable.

Boomaroo Toys made a range of metal toy vehicles and other toys in competition with other Australian manufacturers such as Wyn-Toys and 

overseas toy companies such as Buddy-L.

They were listed as Boomaroo Products Pty Ltd in Sydney from 1954 to the 1970s.

By the mid-1960s they had become associated with Artlay Manufacturing Company Pty Ltd. Boomaroo was a member of

The Australian Games Manufacturing Association, TAGMA.

Australian collector Barbara Mihan wrote me this addition:  (thank you Barbara)

Boomaroo disappeared in the mid 1960s but Wyn was taken over by Hills Industries in 1973 who then no longer pursued the making of toy vehicles.

Wyn did make other toy items in the 1960s such as dolly irons and a child's ironing board and pull along toys on wheels for littlest.

The significance of these Australian-made Boomaroo toys lies not just in their amusing appearance or how the evoke the remembered pleasures of childhood play.

They can speak to us about the experience of being an Australian child in the mid-twentieth century, revealing how children are socialised, and how the young

became targeted as a consumer market. Most toys mimic the adult world, and looking at them can tell us something about how this world has changed.

Changes in technology and the availability raw materials can be traced in the changing methods of toymaking. By 1954, for example,

Boomaroo was able to use steel in the manufacture of toys, something that would have been unthinkable ten years earlier during wartime.

Let's have a closer look at the models and information up till now. ( September 2014)

On request of some collectors we restored some Boomaroo and Wyn decals. CLICK

These decals can be very helpful if you intent to restore your mode




The Boomaroo tow truck, this one was catalogues in 1947, is very hard to get in good condition as most boomaroos are, because most Aussie kids played outside in backyards or at the beach.

This stake truck is probably restored and yes to a very high standard!

Collector Keith Morris from Austrlaia wrote me this:

I thought you would like to see this photo of a Boomaroo truck and tram.
Both the truck and tram were from ‘shop stock’ in Sydney in the mid  and late fifties.

They are in my toy collection. I used to have a Boomaroo train and tram as a child, bought for 2/6 each from the department store ‘C J Coles’ in Sydney (Australia) in the mid fifties.

You will note that there are no decals on them for some reason.

Boomaroo Tram. The tram was available in red, blue and green. It has three decals. Two "drivers" at the end and a Boomaroo decal on the top.


This prime mover and trailer "Boomaroo Express Delivery" was also catalogued in 1947.

This is a Prime mover and trailer "refrigerated Transport" Manufactured from 1955 to 1960.

These dates are only a guess .

This is a Prime mover and trailer "Interstate Transport" Manufactured from 1955 to 1960.

These dates are only a guess .


This is a Prime mover and trailer "Interisland Transport" Manufactured from 1955 to 1960.

These dates are only a guess .


In the 1955 catalogue Boomaroo introduced the successful "Super 77" series:

7701 Front loader

7702 Super dump truck

7704 Service Van

Made on Monday ! ??

Collector Bill Elder has a "made on monday" Service van.



Another Boomaroo Service Van is one of 1945 series with are very similar to the Tri-ang "W" series

Two of the Boomaroo Service Van series were adopted by Kellogg's


This one is different from all the rest, it is a "Metal and Ashes" tipper, I am 100% certain that it is all original. This machine has a different grill, which i have only ever seen one of,the cab is a different shape with no center pillar, Boomaroo decal on the bonnet is identical to other boomaroo decals.the wheels appear to be from the late 1950's to the late 1960's. will send separate picture for you.the tray being identical to 1940's to 50's Boomaroo's notice the spring loaded mechanism to raise the tray.

Have a look at this group, very similar aren't they?

The tow truck on left is a Boomaroo, next is a Wyn toy, then a Stork line N. Z then a Marx u.s.a.

All these trucks use similar moulds.


Boomaroo used different grills on it's trucks. Here are some samples.


Tourna series

In the 50ties of the last century Boomaroo introduced a range of earthmoving toys.

They are scale copies of the famous  R.G.Le Tourneau Inc. company.

Could it be a coincidence that they are almost the same to the range Nylint produced?

Interesting is the fact that the Australian models, in two cases at least, differ slightly from the US models.  This could have been to avoid any copyright issues with Nylint.

Boomaroo made two Graders, this one is the earlier design without the a cover over the drivers cab, this was by far the better grader. It is possible that they were made pre 1955









Fortunately  there are still enthusiast collectors who restore their toys to new.

Look at the pictures below how John Paterson from New Zealand

restored his Forklift and Tourna tractor.

If you intent to restore a model from the Tourna series, all decals you can find on the decal page of this web site.


Australian collector John Hams restored the Tourna trucks below.

This is what John wrote me:

I made the exhaust pipes from two sizes of copper tubing, the engines from pieces of pine and the drivers in the Hopper and Rocker were made from modeling clay and fired in the home oven.  Luckily, my old Loader had the original plastic driver for copying.  I am really pleased with how they turned out.  I still need to touch-up a bit of yellow paint here and there.


Boomaroo Farm Equipment

No 8809 Farm tractor 26cm long

This tractor is steered by the steering wheel and the front axles are pivoted to allow front wheels to travel over rough surfaces.

It has a hook at the rear by which the various accessories mat be towed.

Farm tractor accessories

No. 8810  1/2 Ton trailer (21cm)

No. 8811 All carry trailer  (22cm)


No. 8813 Triple gang mower

Thanks for the pictures Mr. Herbert Bell

No. 8812 Rotary scoop

This is towed behind the tractor and moving the lever upright and

engaging the catch it will scoop up the sand and soil.

Lever can then be moved back and it is in travailing position.

On moving the lever forward it tips the load and also scrapes it level.




This is the "Boomaroo Constructions Super Dump Truck" from the 50's to 60's.  It shows the dual axles and workings for the steering of this truck, they are the same as earlier model.


This is a mid 1950's "inter Island Transport" from New Zealand


The Golden Fleece tanker is one of the most highly sought after Australian toys from this era and rarely seen.

There are two verisons. the first (and harder to find) of the 2 Golden Fleece trucks, the later version from the mid 1960's has an alternate grille/headlight arrangement and different decals.

First version

1964 version


The pictures of this red cement came from Australian collector Bert Eldredge . Thanks Bert!

This cement truck was probably made in the 1965 era, this model shows flared guards and a different grill to the early 1960 model.


The pictures below and the information came from an American collector Jim O' Clair.

Boomaroo made several floor trains as well, I have included pictures of them. I have one of the 36-36 engines. There was also a trolley car similar to the Chein 270 but in the same colors as the 36-36.

They are very similar in size to Marx floor trains of the 1930s, in fact the Boomaroo train cars match well to the Marx "LUMAR" floor trains, which are miscategorized as standard gauge.

Jim, thank you for your addition!

Marx "LUMAR"

Marx "LUMAR"

Our friends Tracey and Michael sent us these train pictures.

The Flyer was also sold as a set like this 3808 set .

There was a Passengers set comprises a Loco, Tender and two Carriages and

a Goods set comprises a Loc, Tender and two open Trucks.


Cash register

Around 1964 Boomaroo introduced a Cash register in various colours.

It has a positive automatic operation - after pressing any key, a bell rings - price registers - and the drawer opens.

The register was supplied with Notes, Matel money and a locking key.

A second generation Cash register was a decimal conversion model.


Washing Machine

In 1964 Boomaroo introduced a real working washing machine. The  first series were rectangular. (27cm high and 18cm square)

The second series were round (ø18cm) with various decals

Directions for use:

Dollies'clothes were put inot the Washing Machine bowl, filled qith warm or hot water. Lux washing flkaes were then added. By turning the handle, the agitator gently washes the clothes.

The dirty water was then drained by means of the hose provided, the hose being unclipped and held down below the level of the bowl.

Then the hose was clipped back into position when all the water was drained.

The clothes should then was put through the wringer and with fresh water in the bowl the clothes were rinsed using the agitator again.

A final pass through the wringer and, pesto, the clothes were ready for drying and ironing.


Qantas tractor and trailers.

Around 1962 Boomaroo introduced a Qantas tractor and trailer combination with luggage.

In 1963 it was awarded as the toys of the year.


Collector Pete van Liempt wrote:

I would like to send you this picture of a large tinplate Boomaroo Qantas tractor, white and red.

Unfortunately I don't have the  Luggage trailer anymore.

My parents gave it to me as a present and momentum when I was 6 years old and migrated to Holland in 1964.

Now I'm back in Australia and as you can see the Tractor is after all these years from playing and moving not in it's best shape anymore.

A few months ago a started restoring it and orderd the original decals from the Triang website. In particular the decals made it complete.

The missing link at the moment is the lugguage trailer. If somebody holds it, I would like to buy it to restore and made it complete.

Please send an email to and they will let me know.