Ok, you are right. In fact the "W" series and "Tip Lorry" do not belong on this web site, as it is not a large road vehicle. But I'm not a Mr. Particular. Both series are worth to be mentioned.


The first Tip Lorries were mentioned in the 1937 catalogue in the Non-Mechanical Steel Toys section.

This is the description:

Made of steel, with strong axles and solid rubber wheels. Finished in brightly coloured enamel, immensely strong and almost indestructible.

There were two sizes: the "0" and the "00"In most cases sizes 0 and 00 are obtainable fitted with electric light (which we have never seen. .)

Batteries of the cartridge type are not included. Models with electric light are specified as "0E"or "00E". The tip lorries were made until 1957.

The last series contains three tip lorries: 0 - 00 - 000

The 0 is 32cm ;the 00 24 cm and the 000 18 cm




These lorries are one of these. The jib can rotate to both sides. The motor truck is for general purposes.

Chain and pulley wheel on size "O" and "OO"

There were also electric versions:

"OE" with two electric lights and

"OOE" with one electric light.




2800 series

All models in this 2800 series were only produced in 1937

The tyres are full rubber with "Tri-ang toys" printed on the wheels.

There are just a few of these lorries left which has their tyres. Most of the tyres are loose



COUPE 2802

This Coupe 2803 had two models: "00" and "00E" The "E" means it was fitted with one (!) electric light. Photo's from Digby Atkinson thank you Digby!



This van had printed metal plates on both sides . The tailboard lets down.



After WW II just the tip lorries remain. There were again three sizes but the electric features fail.

TIP LORRY no. O (6054)

length: 32 cm



TIP LORRY no. OO (6055)

length: 24 cm


TIP LORRY no. OOO (6056)

length: 18 cm



this is how the Tri-ang describe this series in the1955 catalogue:

This wonderfull and inexpensive range of miniature commercial vehicles has been

augmented with many interesting models. Each vehicle is studily constructed in metal

and is fininshed in brilliant Tri-ang enamels.

Tri-ang introduced the "W" series in the early 50ties of the last century. The last year they were produced was 1957.

There were two "W" series, the regular and a powered serie.(push and go)There were only two powered models : the Covered wagon and the Shell tanker.In contrast to other Tri-ang series, these models have several interesting features. Because there were only a few "W" serie trucks made, they are, if complete, very collectable.


Tri-ang Tip lorry W551

with a lever operated tipping body. Length: 24cm


Tri-ang Covered lorry W 559


Tri-ang Fire truck W 555

with an "automatic" ringing bell on top of the cabin , a bell on the loading platform and a ladder on both side.  Length: 27cm

Tri-ang Farm lorry

Length: 25 cm

There were more toy factories who made models similar to the Tri-ang "W" series.

To identify if  your model to be

a Tri-ang:

Every Tri-ang has the name printed in the metal.


Tri-ang Farm lorry with bricks W 558

There was also a Farm lorry with drums. I'm not sure if this lorry was ever produced.


Tri-ang Powered Covered lorry W 601

with "push and go" power unit. 


Tri-ang Army lorry with Anti-Aircraft Gun W 583

Length: 27cm


Tri-ang Shell Tanker W 590



Tri-ang Crane lorry W 584


Tri-ang Articulated lorry with timber load. W 554

  Length: 46 cm



Tri-ang Articulated low loader

with Tri-ang 9" clockwork speedboat(No.7684). W 554

  Length: 46 cm


On top of the cabin there was a small "made in England" decal.

Depending on the production year this decal was the old fashioned decal or the more modern one.

Old fashioned decal

more modern decal

The grill on the "W" series  lorries was made of a very thin tin and therefore very fragile

A lot of these grills have broken headlights. Take care that there are no replacements available.

Most of the lorries in the "W" series have two holes on top of the cabin.

These holes were only used on the Fire truck to mount the bel .



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