Whilst the Diesels were going great guns the 200 Series of lorries was dropped and replaced by the 300 series.

The square cabs of the 200 series were replaced with the more modern 1950’s style 300 Series cab and the range was added to with a 6 wheel Circus truck and 6-wheel van along side the 4 wheel box van and tipper truck.

In the range there was a 4 wheel petrol tanker catalogued but neither myself or any of my fellow collectors have ever seen one nor can we remember one from our dim and distant youth. The early 300 series vehicles were initially just a re-cab of the 200 series with the same body styles. The range then progressed onto the different 4 and 6 wheel vehicles, which included a number of Vans with different sets of transfers on the Van sides. In 1957 Tri-ang introduced at first 4 new 300 models:

A Tanker, a Tip lorry, a Transport Van and a Flasher lorry.


The only sample I have of this Petrol Tanker comes from the 1957 catalogue. If this drawing is a fantasy of the catalogue designer I don't know. What I do know, together with other Tri-ang collector's, is that this is the only 300 series truck we have never seen.

I might even be possible that this vehicles never had been made!


Tri-ang 300 Four Wheel lorries

Tri-ang Flasher Tip Lorry 303

Rare Tri-ang- red cab and chassis, blue tipping rear body with "Triang" or "Flasher" unusually stamped to each side, metal disc wheels with rubber tyres, scarce variation has radiator grille and headlamps sprayed onto front example of what is referred to in the 1961 Triang Catalogue as a Flasher Lorry, 50cm.

Tri-ang Tip Lorry 302

The tailboard was locked by two little chains

Tri-ang Transport Van

The paper posters on the side are the same as the posters on the 200 series

Tri-ang Horse Transporter

In 1962 Tri-ang introduced the Horse Transporter with two wooden horses.

In 1964 this Van got the decals and plastic horses on wheels.

Tri-ang Cafeteria

The first series of the cafeteria was released in 1958 and had a simple decal on the sides.

It was finished in bue/white as wel as in mint/ white.

In 1962 Tri-ang changed the side decal and put a more modern decal on this truck.

This truck has opening sides and rear access door and was supplied with plastic moulded display cabinet and jug together with original six glasses as originally supplied,

A very scarce Tri-ang

1958 decal

1962 decal

Tri-ang Delivery Van


Tri-ang 300 Six Wheel lorries

Tri-ang Circus Van

In 1959 Tri-ang introduced a set of Noah's Ark animals in plastic, mounted on wheels. Some of these animals Tri-ang supplied to the 300 Circus wagon and to the Junior Diesel Circus

lorrie. The animals are very hard to find and once for sale, pretty expensive! The 307 Circus wagon was supplied with these 8 animals:

Lion, Tiger ,Donkey, Hippo, Rhino,Giraffe  Elephant and Camel all other animals are from Noah's ark.


The normal Circus Lorries have printed colour transfers but this is a very rare lorry with the Economy transfers. When you bought this it would have cost you

10/- ( 10 Shillings or 50p ) less than the Conventional  truck and a big saving back in the late 1950's when this lorry would have been sold.


Tri-ang Long Distance Transport

The Long distance Transport was supplied with different decals  It has a length of 58 cm

Tri-ang Regal Roadster Series

The old-fashioned Tri-ang Pressed Steel lorries were beginning to look dated against the toys of the plastic age. Enter in 1964 into the fray the

Regal Roadster series of lorries.

The adage, “If you can’t beat them join them” came to the fore with the Regal Roadster range. These were basically the 300 series lorries but with plastic windows, air-horns, mirrors, bumpers, windscreen wipers, Grey plastic wheels and spot lamps

to make the lorries a bit more up to date. The colours were now also metallic instead of the more normal Red, Blue and Turquoise that had been used.

The Regal Roadsters also came with a clicking mechanism that was attached to the front axle and clicked as the lorry was pulled or pushed forward.

You did not get any realistic lorry sounds from the clicker but the play value was increased if you were under 10 years old.

                                                                                                                                                         spot lamps                   windscreen wiper                   air horn                            side mirror

The three different grills of the 300 series

                                                                                                                       Painted                                        300 series                        Regal Roadster series


Tri-ang Regal Circus Wagon

Seven animals were included with this wagon


Tri-ang Regal Tip Lorry


In the 1965 catalogue the Regal series was extended with three new models.

However none of these models ever came to production.....

Tri-ang Regal Hydraulic tipper


Tri-ang Regal Horse Transporter


Tri-ang Regal Cattle truck


Regal Delivery Van


Tri-ang Regal Long Transport



U.S.S.R. Copy cat

January 2014 I received an email from Russia with some very interesting pictures. My first thought was that the lorries on the pictures are Tri-ang Roadster series models.

A better look shows however that these trucks were made by Camocean, a toy factory in the former U.S.S.R.

Without any doubt these trucks are similar to the Tri-ang Roadsters. The only difference is that the grill is imprinted with "? T 3" and different tyres.

As far as I know now, there were only two models, the Circus Wagon and a Tipper


               Tri-ang tyre                              Camacean tyre

                    Tri-ang Regal Roadster series           Russian Camocean lorries                             


Tri-ang 400 Sit'-N'- Ride Series

The Sit- 'N'-Ride models are the 300 series models with a steering wheel and some trucks with a metal seat. They have a plastic steering wheel operating the front wheels.

The later Sit- 'N'- Ride trucks like the Route master ,the French Coach and a Junior Cycle were made in moulded plastic.




Tri-ang South Africa

The Tri-ang 300 series made in South Africa are different from the U. K. trucks.

Enjoy the below fantastic and very rare trucks !   I received these photo's from two South African collectors : Tom Southwood and Dallas du Toit. (thank you very much for these pictures)

I restored the paper posters to their former glory. Aren't they beautiful?

Tri-ang South Africa (2)

November 2009 the Artic shown below was in auction at Vectors auctioneers in England.

I was surprised to notice that this Van had the regular Tri-ang paper posters at the site instead of the S.A. posters.

Swan Belgium

The below toys are looking very similar to the Tri-ang 300 serie. But they aren't Tri-ang!

They were made by a Belgian toy factory called SWAN. Swan was situated in a little Belgian village

Deinze near Gent. They made several Vans and a tipper.

If you are curious about the very interesting story about this Swan's?

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