Next is the 200 series. These appeared a few years after the war although the earliest catalogue that I have found them in is one from 1947. These were a square cabbed range of trucks and they very much resembled the old Fordson 7V’s of that era

This pictures was taken in 1957.

The little boy is Norman Warnars,

a Dutch kid playing with his 200


(Norman thanks for your addition)


There were only 5 different types of lorries in this range.

A Transport Van ;

Two Builder's Lorries ( one with "remote" control ) ;

a Petrol Tanker and

a Mobile Crane.

The first 3 of this range were in virtually from the start whilst the mobile crane appeared around about 1955. 


Tri-ang Transport Van No. 200

The Transport Van has very attractive (paper) posters on both sides with opening rear doors.

The Van was mainly sold in two colour combinations. A red cabin with a green or a blue body each with a different poster set. I restored these posters and they are for sale.


Tri-ang Builder's Lorry  No. 201

Builder's lorry  was Tri-ang's name for this tipper. It has a simple construction to open the tip body.

The tail board was locked with the little chains. 

Very rare was the "Remote Control" tipper.

This tipper was fitted with a remote control device with steers front wheels via universal coupling.

To make the wheels steer able this tipper was given wider wings and wheel arches


Tri-ang Petrol Tanker No. 204

This tanker is very collectable and hard to find in a reasonable condition. The Petrol Tanker was supplied with a filler cap, a drain tap , a rubber hose and a dip stick.


Tri-ang Mobile Crane Lorry No. 8059

The Crane is fitted with a swiveling crane featuring adjustable jib, ratchet controlled hoist and pressed metal bucket.


Thistle Canada

Tri-ang produced their models in Canada under the name Thistle.

American collector Jack Barton was so kind to sent us the pictures right an below this text.

The truck with the blue cabin has different tyres, which should not mean that they are not original.

In various countries Tri-ang sometimes bought the tyres from a local factory.

All Thistle 200 lorries had a left handed mounted steering.  The rear door latch is opposite to the English 200 Van.

In 2015 Jack found a Transport Van in a very unusual colour combination: Blue with a cream cabin.

I looks like it is an original Thistle Transport Van and therefore very rare.


Tri-ang New Zealand

As in England and Canada, Tri-ang produced the 200 series also in their Melbourne factory in Auckland, New Zealand.

The only differences are the colour scheme and the decals.


Patterson Edwards

LEEWAY Transport Van

The firm of Patterson Edwards dates from 1892 but it is not clear how many models were made in the early days. The Leeway trade mark was registered in 1955 until they went bust in the early to mid 70's. The offices may have been on the Old Kent road before this time but the office/factory was on Lee High Road in Lewisham. The company moved to Orpington in about 1970

Leeway's toy factory is known about their prams, rocking horses, pedal cars and some trucks.

These type of these trucks are very rarely get to see, the reason why I put these trucks on my web site. It has more or less the same design as the Tri-ang 200 series .

I would appreciate if you have pictures of other Leeway trucks and email these to me.

Margaret, thank you for these pictures !



Chris, thank you for the pictures of the below garbage truck !



Leeway Garbage Lorry  with a different grill



Leeway pressed steel Lorry

This unusual example is light blue, with red wheels, steerable front wheels, openable dropsides to body, 48cm long.


Leeway Mini pedal car

The dimensions of this Mini are:

Length: 33 inch

Body width: 17 inch

Height from floor to top of steering wheel (highest point) 20 inch


Leeway Flyer pedal train

From English collector Chris Frankham I received the pictures of this 1960 Leeway Flyer.

Thank you Chris!

The dimensions of this pedal train are:

Length: 110 cm

Body width: 31,5 cm

Width from wheel hub to wheel hub 48 cm

Height from floor to top of cab (highest point) 60 cm



Leeway Billy pedal train

May 22th 2012, U. K. auctioneer Charlie Ross, thought he would make a hugh profit on a Leeway Billy pedal train, which he bought for £5 in a car boot sell.

Charlie was in competition in the - Put your money where your mouth is - program  on BBC 2.

He did not succeed selling Billy, although I'm sure there are a lot of collectors, including me self, who would like to buy this rare Leeway toy.


Leeway Catalogues

These catalogues are not dated, but are probably from the 1960s


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