In 1928 the Lines Bros LTD introduced several Trikes and Pedalkars.

What would you think if your child was playing like onthe 4B painting ?


Tot Trikes

Pedal Gee

Toddle Trike


Pedal Fairykar


Pedal kar no 2

Pedal Fairykar  5B

Pedal Fairykar 4B

Safety Pedal Fairykar 4a


         Duckkar No.2

Pedal Go Round



The 1928 models remained in production in 1930. Four new models were relaesed in 1930.

Pedal kar no 2 A

Pedal Fairykar no 4 A

Pedal Fairykar 6A

Pedal Fairykar 4 a

with sidekar.

Pedal Fairykar 5 B

with sidekar

Ducki kar






The Models in the post-war range were worthy successors to the famous pre-war Pedalkars which were a familiar toy in homes all over the world.

Each model is of all-steel construction and fitted with safety back rest, rubber tures and pedals.

Tri-ang introduced in the better models all-steel welded tubular frames and gave them additional strenght ensuring a long life.

Made to Tri-angs usual high standard of workmanship and finish.

Pedal kar no 200

Pedal kar no 220

Pedal kar no 230

Pedal kar no 250

Pedal kar no 300

Pedal kar no 380W

Pedal kar no 450




Pedal kar no 100

Pedal kar no 200

Pedal kar no 300

Pedal kar no 350

Pedal kar no 400

Pedal kar no 500

"Horsey" Pedal kar



Pedal kar no 300

Pedal kar no 350

Pedal kar no 400

Pedal kar no 550

Pedal kar no 600

Pedal kar no 600  with


Pedal kar no 700



Tri-ang series 900 Trikes.

The most popular. moderately prices, front drive models Tri-ang ever produced.

The range covers sizes to suit children of up to 6 years old.

Model 910

Model 910B

Model 912

Model 916

Super Jet motor cycle

Nibbs Trike "B'"

Pedalkar 600

Pedalkar 600P

Pedalkar 650 B

Pedalkar 700




Trike 810

Bin Trike 910B

Trike 912

Trike 916

Super Trike 1012

Goliath tipper Trike

Tri-ang Astronaut



Pedalkar no 200

Pedalkar no 300

Pedalkar no 375

Toddles Pedalkar




1 Jupiter

2 Saturn

3 Astronaut

4 Imp

5 Siren

6 Mars


1 Husky

2 Nippy

3 Speedy

5 Baby Pedalchair

6 Junior Pedalchair

1. Puppy

2 Sturdy


New in 1964

TM2530 Mercury

TM 2540 Neptune

TM 3005 Pluto with Bin

TM 3025 Skippy

TM3030 Puppy

TM3035 Sturdy


New in 1965

TM3010 Baby's pedalchair

TM 3020 Junior pedal chair

TM 3011 Baby's pedal chair

TM 3012 Skippy

TM 3020 Junior pedal chair


New in 1968 -1969

TM 3014 Baby's pedal chair

TM 3015 Fiesta Trike

TM 3027 Carnival

TM 2545 Neptune de luxe

TM2506 Orion Trike

TM2520 Mars


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