All Lines Bros. 'Scooters are fitted with a simple folding device which eliminates loose parts but holds the Scooter together firmly when assembled

No 1

Strongly constructed from fine quality beech with light varnish finish and fitted with 4

½ black wheels with

½ "rubber tyres.

No 2

Painted azure blue with red disc wheels. Aluminimum step mat. Roller bearings. Easy folding device.

No 15

Made of beech, finished light varnish colour with red roller bearing disc wheels. Polished aluminimum step mat.

No 16

All steel folding model with wood handle and red disc wheels. Finished black enamel stoved on. Folds easily and compactly. Very rigid in use

No F/17

An all steel scooter with simple folding action. Finished black enamel with steel grips. Balloon disc wheels with grey rubber tyres

No F/18

Wood model, strongly made and fitted with Lines Bros. 'Balloon disc wheels.

No F/21

Ball- bearing tangent spoke wheels, plated handle with rubber grips. Finished red.

No /F23

A new style steel scooter,finished bright red and fitted with polished wood step board, wood handle and stand. Large section grey rubber tyres.




No 0

A very low-priced, simply constructed folding Scooter, well finished adn wood wheels.

No F/8

Frame constructed with the best weld - less steel cycle tubing. Spoke wheels

with imitation 1" pneumatic tyres.

Plunger soon pattern brake on the front.

No F/20

a new model with 1½

'tangent spoke wheels and 2 ½

" Dunlop Cord balloon pneumatic tyres. Fitted with bell and rim brake. Wood board.



In 1937-1938 Tri-ang produced 8 different Scooters.

No A

Steel frame, stove enamellled blue, wood handle. 4½" red steel discs, ½" tyres

Steel step


Steel frame, stove enamellled green. Nickle-plated handle

rubber grips. 6½ "red steel discs. ½" tyres. Steel step.

No C

Steel frame, stove enamellled red with back rest. Nickle-plated handle rubber

grips. 7 " red steel discs. ¾ " motor tread tyres. Hardwood step

No D

Strong steel frame, stove enamellled red.

with back rest. Nickle-plated handle rubber .

Band brake on rear wheel. Tangent spoke wheels 10"x 1"cushion tyres. Hardwood step.

No 3

Steel frame, stove enamellled green. Nickel plated handle, rubber grips. Tangent spoke wheels with white ribbed tyre.

No F/8

Constructed with the best weldless steel cycle tube. Plunger spoon pattern brake on the front tyre. Ample with foodboard. Chromium-plated fittings.

No F/16

All steel folding model.Finished in blue. Very rigid when in use. Steel back-rest fitted.

No f/20

A luxury model with 12 ½" spoke wheels. Dunlop cord balloon tyres. Special cycle type tubular handle bars fitted with rim brake. Enamelled blue.




No 100

Welded tubular frame with hardwood step. Finished in red and blue. Lenght 71 cm

No 110

Exceptionally strong construction. Rolled U section channel Fitted with 1 inch jointless cushion tyres. Lenght 86 cm


Steel frame with pressed steel handlebars fitted rubber grips.Parking stand fitted to rear wheels. Lenghts 97 cm

No G

Excellent model. Chromium plated handle bars. Ball bearing hubs. Foot operated brake on rear

All bright parts chro-

mium plated.

Lenght: 97 cm



No A

No B

No C

No D




Although the Tri-ang section of Scooters had been streamlines for 1954,  it is still the most comprehensive available.

It includes the wonder "Tri-etta", the pedal scoot (a wonderful innovation), the fast selling "200", "190", and D Scooters

down to the populair but inexpensive "A" Scooter. Every model is sturdily constructed, beautiful finished and designed to give first class service.

Pedal scoot


No A



In 1957 Tri-ang introduced the Tri-etta Junior as a cheaper alternative for the 1954 Tri-etta.

No 115
No D

No 140

No 210



No 91
No 93

No 170

No 176

Tubular 3wheel scoot

No 190

No D


No 90

No 90

In red delivery

No 90

How to assemble

No 90

Very rare decal on this No 90 scoote

This decal is available here

decal No 84B



1. Wirlwind

2. Firefly

3. 91 Scooter

4. Tornado

5. Bluestroke

6. Meteor

7. Invader



1964 - 1971

Till 1971 all 1963 Scooters remain in production. Just a few new Scooters were released.

A very rare Scooter, relased in 1965 is the Tornado Scooter with a Motor roar.

New in 1964

New in 1965

New in 1969

This is the only Scooter with Mudguards.

New in 1969


New in 1969


New in 1969

New in 1970

New in 1970


New in 1970

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