Picture from Mr.Geert de Natris

This great crane is a Zis 150 in a remarkable condition. Look at this lovely detailed truck. This Zis serie is much smaller ( 32cm) length than the early and Camocean trucks.

Very rare is the removable petrol tank !The hook also is precision work! It's registration number is 1400.

The Zil 150 had a brother or if you like, a sister. It is equipped with a grab and 1468 as registration umber.


Round 1970 a more modern version of the Zil 150 was released. It got a new front, unfortunately made of plastic. The patrol tank disappeared. It's registrationnumber is 1442

Just like the former 1400, this truck has wheel hubs with a sign stamped in.


If this ZIL130  "Samosval" was made by Camocean is not sure. Like the first ZIS models it has a number plate with a serie number??


The AMO or ZIS 150 is a direct copy of the American made International Harvester Company "K" series trucks which were sent to Russia as "Lend-Lease" during W.W.II

( We have this information and pictures from American Jack Barton)


A teacher, Mr. Philippe Caravano, from a French school gave us this information:

Dear Sir,
I discovered your site with a lot of enjoyment. All these trucks, it is magnificent!

In a few days we shall make new photos of the Zis 150. You can use them without problem. From my part, I shall add a link towards your page, which is very interesting.
The truck of fire brigades is a miracle!!! I have two other new ZIL 130 trucks, at home. On this subject, their real name is  "Samosval", which means "dump truck"

in russian (the cyrillic "v" looks like a "a" and the "l" looks like a "n" I think that the factory was in Moscow. One says to me that those trucks were offered to the military's children's on Christmas. That's all I know about that... I've no confirmation. We have a second russian truck at school, this is a MAZ, directly issued from the

MAZ  factory. We are transforming it as a RC 6x6 truck:
PS: It's only an elementary school, I like technology so I try to initiate my pupils to  sciences, mechanics, meccano ...etc.

Philippe Caravano.



The above mentioned Zis 150 appears to have a brother. Look at this fantastic Zis Christmas Van. Just the wheels are different to the Crane ones We thank Dutchman John Vis,

who was so kind to sent us the photo's of this lovely coloured Van.  It seems to be a Christmas Van with Santa Claus on its way to children.

This Van is 24cm long, 11 cm width, and 10 cm high. It has he same headlights as the crane.


January 2009 this Van appeared.


June 2010, I received more detailed pictures which shows these lorries have  a clockwork.


In the same series this is another model, a Tipper.


This Tipper with a length of 33 cm could be another one in the Zis serie. Below the tipper has a spare tyre. This truck has a clockwork.

By lifting the number plate (!) up or down this clockwork will release or stop.


S I M series of Soviet trucks

These truck were also made in Russia. By the Sim factory. It has the same marks  as the other trucks. SIM made a various amount of models in this series.

A Fire truck, a Tipper, a Crane and a Bread truck .

In october 2009 , I found the below shown truck in the Ukraine.

It could inspired SIM to make the trucks below.


S I M tipper

The mechanism to lift the truck is the same as the other early Soviet tippers

The printed 19-90 in the back of this tipper indicate that this tipper was made in 1990. However looking at the overall truck the model is not a 1990 one.

Perhaps to reduce the production costs all models in this serie just have chrome headlights but a grill was to expensive (?) A close up of the bonnet shows the factory who made these trucks : "SIM"

This is the same SIM dump truck. It is a near new one. As if there is never played with! The tires are solid rubber with a chrome hub. The tailboard has like the above one 1991 pressed in. Just this one is not painted. I doubt if this painted 1991 is original. ...


S I M  Fire engine

This fire truck has the same front as the tipper shown above and seems to be from the same serie . It is dated 1984. It has great features. The ladder goes up to 90 cm.

Wheel to lift the boom             Wheel to turn the table


      to uplift the ladder


S I M  Crane

The crane of the SIM series has on one side of the cabin the production year and the other side of the cabin SIM.


Bread truck made by SIM USSR

July 2009 ,I discovered these fantastic SIM Bread trucks dated 1981 and 1983. They have the same design as the larger ones, you can find here: click here


Another (ugly)series marked as made in the USSR

To indicate this ugly series is not easy.It has no marks like all other Soviet trucks. Some tippers have a printed: "made in the USSR.  There are a truck with trailer a tipper and a crane in this series.

This truck has a trailer, the first Soviet with trailer I have seen.  Do you have any idea what this stamped text mean? It was printed on the truck as well on the trailer

Perhaps do you know anything about these Soviets trucks?


Another series marked as KAMAZ

The KAMAZ serie might be the last serie of Soviet trucks.Just like the Tri-ang Hi Way series these models are missing their soul.



This Soviet Caterpillar with a length of 47(!) cm is very rare. At first thought you should think that this caterpillar has tracks . Turning the caterpillar however shows that it are little wheels with rubber tires.

The Caterpillar had several printed marks. Don't ask me the meaning of these marks as my knowledge of the Russian language is zero. To show how big this caterpillar is,  I took a picture of it in front of a large Tri-ang Double Deck bus. The caterpillar has a brother : a tank.


Cranes made by M3MA

At the home page of the Soviet models, we show several massive excavators. Who would guess that the same factory put it on a crane chassis?  A lovely, scarce model! In contrary to the regular cranes, this one has double iron wheels. the size of this crane is length 23 cm, wide 29 cm, high 48cm. There was also another excavator crane of the same size. . See the pictures on the right .


The heavy pressed steel Soviet cranes were made from 1949 until 1993. The cranes were equipped with a grab. All Soviet cranes should have boom braces. They are moveable between the front or rear holes on the cabin. ( look at the black arrow) At first thought you should think that these crane shave rubber crawlers. Turning the crane however shows that it are little wheels with rubber tires.  Some cranes have a wrench to fit the boom. As you can expect most of these wrenches were lost.


The cranes were made by M3MA (MZMA) the abbreviation means Moscow Small Car Factory


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