In 1965 Tri-a introduced a new rage : The Ranger series.

The series consist 4 models:

                                                                                              an  Ambulance                            a  Convertible              a Pick up Truck                        an  Estate car

The Ranger range was not very populair and was only produced for two years.


Pressed steel bodies - 15 inch long -with front and rear shock absorbing bumpers -

resilient whitewail tyres.

The clear windows were special features of this new range.

The Ambulance

TM 6015 Incorporating blue flashing light on roof and drop-down tailgate

The Convertible

TM 6005 with a large capacity opening boot.

The Estate Car

TM 6010

With a drop-down tailgate

giving access to a large interior.



The Pick-up truck

TM 6000

Open back with a drop-down tailboard.


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