Mr.Tri-ang, Tom Caren, in his private Tri-ang museum.

Thanks to all his information and a lot of photo's we were able to start this web site.

Tom on behalf of all Tri-ang collectors thank you very much for your indispensable help!


The Tri-ang Super Diesel series was made for a period of five years (1955-1960)

  These were a smaller lorry than the 200 series but they had a greater

  range of vehicles in the series.

  These were first introduced in about 1955 with just a tipper and

  unusually a working cement mixer to start the series off.

Tri-ang Diesel Tip Lorry 6012

The Tip lorry has a simple lever-operated tip body and an opening tailboard.

Tri-ang Diesel Concrete Mixer 6011

This mechanical mixer revolves as lorry moves along.

It is fitted with controls for emptying the barrel.

The barrel can tip to shoot the "concrete" through the rear trough.




It then had a 4-wheel Express delivery van, breakdown lorry, fire engine,farm lorry, petrol tanker and a series of 4 articulated lorries added to the range.

  Later on in its life it had a 6 wheel chassis included which had a series of 4 different bodies added.The Diesel has a typical Triang decal  "made in England" on top of the cabin.  

Tri-ang Diesel Express Delivery Van 6013


Tri-ang Diesel Crash truck 6014

This Breakdown lorry has a working crane with jib , a ratchet controlled hoist

and a toolbox with tools.


Tri-ang Diesel Farm Truck 6059

The Diesel Farm Truck was supplied with six pigs, moulded in plastic.


Tri-ang Diesel Milk Truck 6057

This Diesel Milk truck is exactly as the above Farm truck. In stead of the pigs, this lorry was supplied with 8 milk churns. Don't let your children play with these churns as they were made with lead !


Tri-ang Diesel Shell Tanker 6060

The Shell tanker was supplied with a water tank with a filler and a drain pipe with tap.



Thistle Diesel Shell Tanker

The Tri-ang factory in Canada kept its own name: Thisle

Thisle had their own colour policy, like this unusual yellow Diesel tanker.



Tri-ang Diesel Fire Engine 6015

When this engine is pulled along, a fire bell automatically rings.

The escape ladder can be slewed elevated and extended.

The hose held by the (always missing)  fireman on the ladder  actually squirts water

when the rubber dome on chassis is pressed.

The Diesel Fire engine made in New Zealand had

an extra "Tri-ang" decal on the top of the cabin.


6 wheel chassis Diesel Series

Although never mentioned in any catalogue Tri-ang produced several

6 wheel trucks, let's have a look at these lovely trucks !

R.A.F. truck

Military truck

Sand Ballast truck

Diesel Breakdown service




Diesel Jupiter Rock Launcher


The wheels of this serie are total different with the regular Tri-ang wheels.

  Tri-ang used the same wheels for the first Double decker bus.

  Very early lorries had disc wheels, often pretending the were pre-war

The hubs on the Diesel wheel were made of a bad quality.

To restore old furniture one uses large nails with a diameter of 27 mm.

These nails are a great replacement for the Diesel Hubs.

A hub set is available at our replacement site.

click here


In 1957 Tri-ang introduced new Diesel toys:

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse Series.

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Flat truck

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Pantechnicon

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Open Truck

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Open Truck

Tri-ang New Zealand produced the same truck.




Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Petrol Tanker

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Low  Loader with Excavator

Tri-ang Diesel Mechanical Horse and Car Transporter


Tri-ang Merton Series


This a page from the 1955/56 catalogue which

                     shows the "Merton Series". Technically they were

a separate, and cheaper, range to the "Diesel Series",

only available in all red, with disc wheels, and a

simplified front panel pressing and radiator grille.

Tri-ang Diesel Merton Tip Lorry

Tri-ang Diesel Merton Farm Truck

Tri-ang Diesel Merton Crash Truck

Tri-ang Diesel - Merton Grill

There is a difference  between

a Diesel and a Merton cabin,

On the left photo a Diesel cabin,

at the right a Merton.

A grill for the Diesel does not fit

on a Merton !


Christie & Jay (London)

The trucks shown below were made by a small London toyfactory Christie & Jay London

If you have information about these toys or factory, please email me:

These truck or very simalar to the Tri-ang Diesel series.

This large British made "Toytown Truck" Removals Van  is similar to the Triang vehicles, with a similar cab to Triang Diesel Series, . 70cm long.

The low loader truck of the same factory. turned up in 2010.

Christie & Jay (London) pressed steel Articulated Cable Lorry - scarce ex-shop stock example, similar construction to the contemporary Triang Diesel vehicles circa.1950's comprising a red Prime Mover with light blue grille and step frame Trailer with winch and ramp, includes the 2 x cardboard cable drum load, 66cm,
This Christie & Jay lowloader carries a Tri-ang KL 44 Jones crane
UK collector Barry mailed us the pictures below of his fantastic lowloader


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