I'm like you(?) a Tri-ang collector . Tri-ang is just a hobby and no business for me.

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I am a committee member of a Dutch Child Aid Foundation. At the moment we have a project in the Ukraine where we sponsor the building of

a home for streetkids in Velyki Mosti. ( a little village in the north west of the Ukraine.) This is my main target , selling decals and replacements.


velyki Mosti ( ukraine)

Velyki Mosti is a little village in the north west of the Ukraine. Our Child Aid Foundation is highly interested in a project and will render assistance to realize these plans in short terms and give the street kids of Velyki Mosti a future.

I made several video films (another hobby) of the street kids in Velyki Mosti.

You can see these English subtitled films by CLICKING ON THE BELOW LINKS:


Velyki Mosti April 2011

Velyki Mosti Mai 2010

Velyki Mosti 2009

Will the street kids of Velyki Mosti receive support from you?


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